Hostel Committee


The following are the committee members in Hostel Committee of this institution.

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in engineering and technology transforming students into competent, socially committed and environmentally sensitive professionals.

Our Mission

M1- To provide quality education in the field of engineering and technology through effective teaching learning methods and state of the art infrastructure.

M2- To facilitate the transformation of students into professionals by empowering their skills, values and ethics.

M3- To provide opportunities to develop social commitment and environmental awareness through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

1 Smt. Ani Abraham Principal & Chief Warden Chairperson
2 Sri Syamraj R L Lecturer in IE, Warden, MH Convenor
3 Smt. Binu B R HOD Electrical Engineering, Warden, LH Member
4 Sri. Nevin Jose Lecturer in Electrical & Electronics, RT, MH Member
5 Smt Tossy Thomas Lecturer in Electronics, RT, LH Member
6 Sri Ahzar M A Lecturer in Computer Engineering Member
7 Sri. Ramesh M Workshop Foreman, General Workshop Member
8 Smt. Sindhumol M M Senior Superintendent Member
9 Sri Sarathchandran C Tradesman, Electronics Engineering Member
10 Sri. Godson G, S3CT Student representative Member
11 Smt. Sindhumol M M Senior Superintendent Member