Discipline Committee


Disciplinary Committee maintains discipline, dignity, decorum and rapport of the institute. Controlling the students through rules and regulations and channelization their youth energy into positive and creative direction and promotion of the manners, personality, character and civilization.

Key functions of the committee:

• To review the rules and regulations of the college from time to time and give necessary suggestions to amend the rules.

• To make the student aware about the discipline.

• To make the student follow the disciplinary rules.

• To recommend disciplinary action against any of the misconduct.

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in engineering and technology transforming students into competent, socially committed and environmentally sensitive professionals.

Our Mission

M1- To provide quality education in the field of engineering and technology through effective teaching learning methods and state of the art infrastructure.

M2- To facilitate the transformation of students into professionals by empowering their skills, values and ethics.

M3- To provide opportunities to develop social commitment and environmental awareness through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Committee Members:

1 Dr. Amrutharaj M.G Physical education Instructor Convenor
2 Smt. Tossy Thomas Lecturer in Electronics Engineering Member
3 Sri. Azhar M A Lecturer in Computer Engineering Member
4 Sri. Syamraj R.L Lecturer in Instrumentation Engineering Member
5 Sri. Shaju K. S Asst Prof in Chemistry Member
6 Sri. Jerine Joy Scaria Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Member
7 Sri. Remesh M Workshop Foreman Member
8 Sri. Santhosh C G Workshop Instructor Member
9 Ashalakshmi Prabha Demonstrator, Electrical Member
10 Smt. Sheeba Thomas Demonstrator Electronics Member
11 Sri. Anupama M Tradesman Computer Member
12 Sri. Sarath S Nair Guest Demonstrator Instrumentation Member