Guidance & Counseling Committee


The major aim of guidance and counselling cell is to encourage students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development. It aims to give students a better understanding of the self.


1. To help students discover their potential and enhance the same to become responsible members of society and contribute to its welfare.

2. To help students gain an insight into the causes and possible solutions of emotional difficulties, leading to an increased capacity to take rational control over feelings and actions.

3. To normalize maladjusted behaviour and assist students to move in the direction of fulfilling their potentials.

Members of Guidance and Counselling cell are class tutors of each class and a general department faculty. PTA Secretary will act as convenor. Convenor should submit the cell’s activity report to the undersigned every month.

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in engineering and technology transforming students into competent, socially committed and environmentally sensitive professionals

Our Mission

M1- To provide quality education in the field of engineering and technology through effective teaching learning methods and state of the art infrastructure.

M2- To facilitate the transformation of students into professionals by empowering their skills, values and ethics.

M3- To provide opportunities to develop social commitment and environmental awareness through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

1 Syamraj R L PTA Secretary & Tutor S3 IE Convenor
2 Ani Mathew General Dept Representative Member
3 Lallumol K Johny S1 EEE Member
4 Ashish Joy S1 EL Member
5 Roniya Abraham S1 IE Member
6 Ahzar M A S1CT Member
7 Geo P. G S3 EL Member
8 Salini S S3 IE Member
9 Rejiraj V R S3 CT Member
10 Praveeen S Sharma S5 EEE Member
11 Arun P M S5 EL Member
12 Roniya Abraham S5 IE Member
13 Prince Joseph S5 CT Member